Core Executive

This committee consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee heads. They are the ones responsible for coordinating and facilitating the group. Their focus is in comunicating within the different committees and members in general to create a positive group enviroment.


The Business Committee interacts with all other committees and the core executives to provide support, advertisement, and promotion of INTAPP events, as well as other activities that involve INTAPP.

This committee acts as the leading role for the following particular events and opportunities within INTAPP:

  • Membership Recruitment
  • Study Abroad Fairs
  • Alumni Relations and updates
  • Landon Hill Memorial Scholarship
  • Club Expo planning and implementation
  • Coffee Buzz 5k (Spring)


The Social Committee is in charge of the planning and execution of social events and awareness of INTAPP. It is designed to handle campus involvement and social activities within INTAPP.

This committee is responsible for, but not limited to, planning and implementing the following events:

  • Homecoming
  • Tailgating
  • International Ball (Fall/Spring)
  • Membership Socials
  • Retreats


The focus of this committee is to reach out to international students, beyond the common social event. They collaborate with the Living Learning Center to plan successful events on campus as well as assisting with the International Friendship Organization, ASU Go and AppPeers. Another goal of International Outreach is to foster relationships within the town of Boone and beyond.

International Outreach is responsible for leading the following events as well as other potential affairs:

  • Coffee Buzz 5k (Spring)
  • International Orientation (Fall/Spring)
  • International Education Week
  • Diversity Celebration
  • Relations with OIED
  • Global Exchange

Public Relations

This committee acts as a support system for all other committees by publicizing events and creating partnerships with university and community organizations and clubs. It also handles alumni relations in order to maintain contact with past members and international students.

The Public Relations committee is responsible for the following events as well as other potential affairs:

  • Creating flyers and other advertisements for events
  • Designing promotional items (stickers/shirts/etc.)
  • Alumni relations and updates
  • Website design
  • Maintaining social media sites (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram)